In Angel’s Flowers NYC, our mission is to create a link beyond geographical distances, to shorten distances and that our customers have the possibility to be present in an original and surprising way in those important moments of their families, friends, etc.

Our company has florists and a wide work team in United States, UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. All connected with state of the art technology so that distance is not an obstacle to express your feelings and ours. This way we provide high quality service at excellent prices.

In our distribution center distinction is given by the experience of our team that has been in the flower business for over 75 years and they are recognized professionals, leaders in the cities where they render their services. We guarantee that each bouquet we made will have the highest quality and freshness.

That is why we wish you a happy purchase in Angel’s Flowers NYC, your accomplice in each surprise, delivering happiness with you. Enjoy your experience.